Digital Radiography

HEHC utilizes the Scan X CR processor and Metron software to provide nearly instantaneous radiographic results in the clinic or on the farm.

What’s so great about digital radiographs?

First of all, they are fast and efficient. With traditional radiographs, an exposure is made and then an actual piece of film is processed with a series of chemicals in order to view the image. This has to be completed in a dark room, so films are shot and then taken back to the office to process. Sometimes the whole process is undertaken just to find out that the animal’s positioning is not quite right or the exposure settings inappropriate. Digital radiographs are as portable as things come. The radiographs are shot and then processed on site within seconds. Minor adjustments can be made with minimal effort, causing much less stress to the staff and the patient.

Another nice thing about digital radiographs is the image quality. Not only are better images obtained due to the immediate feedback that is received, but digital technology produces a much clearer, more detailed image. In addition with Metron’s patented “Guided Mark-Up” process the doctor can use Metron to assist with accurate markup and measurements for improved diagnosis and procedures planning.

Digital radiographs can be emailed or saved to a disk and given to you as part of your personal medical records for your horse. Images can also be shared quickly via email to specialists when a second opinion is desired.