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Preventing lameness is always preferable to treating it but this is not always possible. At Heartland Equine Health Center, our goal is to partner with owners and trainers to maximize the performance of their equine athletes at all levels, from weekend trail riders to elite competitors. Some issues may not be readily apparent but still affect performance and can be addressed to help the horse do his job better. Lameness diagnosis and treatment is both science and instinct requiring a keen eye, precise diagnostic analgesia techniques, high resolution imaging and state of the art treatment modalities. We are committed to providing our clients and patients with the best possible diagnosis and care in the event your horse becomes lame. The doctors at HEHC will work with you to establish the diagnosis and treatment plan that best suits your needs. After providing the doctor with a brief history and what your future expectations are for the horse, the doctor will examine the horse. This may include evaluation on the lunge, trotting in hand, watching the horse under saddle, and flexion tests. After evaluating the horse, the doctor will discuss the findings of the exam with you, offer further diagnostics if indicated, and then discuss treatment plans and prognosis. We utilize modern treatments including intra-articular injections; injectable, topical and systemic medications; and injection acupuncture to aid in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and pain management.