HEHC provides ambulatory and in house reproduction services with reproductive success and your mare’s safety being our top priorities. With ultrasound, pregnancy detection and checking for twins can be done as early as 15 days post ovulation. HEHC can also perform breeding soundness exams, diagnose and treat reproductive problems, as well as evaluate and breed mares with fresh or cooled, shipped semen. (*Please note at this time HEHC does not handle frozen semen.)

HEHC doesn’t stop once your mare is in foal! We will send reminders when pregnancy-related vaccines and other procedures are due. HEHC has 24/7 emergency coverage to handle foaling complications. We also recommend owners schedule a new foal exam within 8 to 12 hours of routine foaling. These exams provide important information about the condition of both the mare and foal including evaluation of the mare for foaling injuries or retained fetal membranes, measurement of IgG levels in the foal and diagnosis of failure of passive transfer, as well as providing base-line information should issues occur later.